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With so many options for your kitchen countertop surface?Still wonder about how to choose the best one?

Actually, ‘best’ is not what you should look for because every countertop has its own strong point. What you should look for is a countertop that can fit you and your kitchen perfectly.

In this article, I will showcase to you the differences between 6 countertops (granite countertopquartz countertopmarble countertop, solid surface countertop, solid wood countertop, and laminate countertop) in different aspects.

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    Granite Countertop

    Image credit: Keystone&Granite Tile

    If you love the kitchen countertop surface which has unmatched natural beauty but are prepared for occasional maintenance to protect your investment, then choose a granite countertop.

    For some time, granite has been the countertop material of choice when there were no cost issues to consider. Read this (5 Reason Why You Should Choose a Granite Kitchen Countertop) to know more strong points about granite countertops

    Granite defines elegance in a kitchen. Even modest kitchens seem like luxury spaces when flavored by the beauty of granite countertops.

    • Almost impervious to heat
    • Very strong and durable
    • Adds real estate value to home
    • Nearly 3,000 different colors and types available
    • Nearly maintenance-free when treated with newer sealers
    • Very expensive material
    • Not suitable for DIY installation
    • Can crack if stressed or improperly installed
    • Knives are quickly dulled by cutting on granite
    • Stone is porous and requires sealing to avoid stains

    Want to buy a granite countertop? Here is it!

    Quartz Countertop

    Image credit: The Flooring Factory

    If you want a high-class look kitchen countertop surface without high-maintenance, choose a quartz countertop.

    Quartz countertops are an excellent man-made surface also called “engineered stone”. This material is manufactured from 93% quartz (also a component of granite countertops) and a binding resin.

    Quartz is a popular kitchen countertop material because there is no maintenance required. It’s non-porous and durable.

    –Megan Lee, Marketing Manager at Odell Construction, Inc.
    • DIY installation possible
    • Easy to maintain, no sealing required
    • Can be custom-fabricated in any size and shape
    • Resists stains and is impervious to heat and acid
    • More natural appearance than solid surface material
    • Expensive
    • Countertops are very heavy

    Undeniably, quartz countertop is not easy to clean. However, with some easy tips, you can handle it. Read this: how to clean your quartz countertop.

    Marble Countertop

    Image credit: The Home Depot

    If you want a classic luxury look in a low traffic kitchen where you are not planning on doing much cooking and meal preparation, choose a marble countertop.

    Because no two sheets of marble are exactly the same, each marble countertop will be entirely unique.

    Marble is another natural stone commonly used in kitchen countertops. This is a high-end natural stone that comes in fewer color patterns than granite. Marble is also relatively soft and porous.

    • Waterproof and heatproof
    • Adds to real estate value of a home
    • Exceptionally beautiful stone, with unique veining
    • Expensive
    • DIY installation not possible
    • Can be scratched; repairs are difficult
    • Stone is porous and stains easily unless sealed

    Although highly prized, marble may not be the best choice for kitchens due to its penchant for staining and scratching.

    Solid Surface Countertop

    Image credit: Clorian

    If you prefer kitchen countertop surface that is warm to the touch, then solid surface countertop will be suitable for you.

    Once regarded as premium, luxury countertops, solid-surface material is now considered somewhat mid-tier, but it is still an excellent choice for mid-range kitchens.

    • Resists staining
    • Seams are virtually invisible
    • Damage can be easily sanded out
    • Available in many, many colors and patterns
    • Integrated sink/countertop units are available
    • Moderately expensive
    • Vulnerable to damage from hot pans
    • No DIY installation; must be fabricated by pros

    Moreover, it can also be good material in high-end kitchens with a lot of countertop space that would be prohibitively expensive to cover with granite or quartz.

    Solid Wood Countertop

    Image credit: Lumber Mart

    If you like the warmth and character of wood and want to add a furniture-like focal point in a small area of the kitchen, solid wood countertop suits you.

    Wood countertops offer a wide range of colors and finishes. Hardwoods such as maple and oak are the species most often used as countertop woods.

    • Relatively easy to clean
    • Very long-lasting when properly cared for
    • Can be sanded and resealed, as needed
    • Offers a charming country look in most kitchens
    • Fairly expensive countertop material
    • Surfaces can be scratched and cut by knives
    • Can be damaged by water and stains over time
    • Bacteria can be a problem if not properly maintained
    • Wood is subject to cracking if not maintained; must be oiled and sealed frequently


    Still don’t know how to design your kitchen? We can help!

    Laminate Countertop

    Image credit: The Seattle Time

    If you’re designing on a budget or plan to purchase your “dream” countertop in the near future, perhaps, laminate one is your best option of kitchen countertop surface!

    Although for many years regarded as more ​ordinary than premium countertop materials, laminates have seen a recent surge in popularity, thanks in part to the thousands of colors, patterns, and styles now available.

    • Very easy to maintain
    • Thousands of options available
    • DIY installation is relatively easy​
    • Very inexpensive countertop option
    • Seams are always visible
    • May be viewed as too average by potential home buyers
    • Custom edging and backsplash treatments can add expense
    • Surfaces can be scratched and chipped; damage is almost impossible to repair

    Laminates are especially popular in retro designs, particularly midcentury modern kitchens.


    Before you make your decision to buy a kitchen countertop, you should take a lot of things into consideration.

    For instance, you should ask yourself: why I need the countertop? How much kitchen space do I have? How much is my budget? Which type of countertop can fit the style of my kitchen perfectly?

    Answer each of these questions through the list above that related to different aspects of 6 different countertops. Finally, make your decision of your kitchen countertop surface which “most fit” you and your kitchen.

    Kitchen is the heart of home.

    If you want to find an expert to help you to decide your kitchen countertop surface, why not find us? We have almost 10 years of experience in the realm of kitchen renovation and have a lot of professional kitchen designers.

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