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Kitchen is an essential region in the housing system, which environment quality relates directly to the family member quality of life. Cooking, socializing and relaxing are the daily activities that will be carried out in the kitchen in every family.

“Everything happens in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen.”

- Andrew Zimmern

For sure, everyone want a perfect kitchen with a large multifunctional space and stylish look. Therefore, no matter you want to renovate or refurbish, you need an ideal kitchen design idea!

Today, we’ll share some of the common mistakes in kitchen design and tips of avoiding them.

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    Common Mistakes in Kitchen Design

    1. Over budgeting on unnecessary items

    Image Via Canva

    To avoid excessive appliances and other items, you should determine the necessity of recommencing work on the kitchen renovation.

    Buying new kitchen appliances and furniture may make you comforting, but it need not be. Hence, listing out a checklist is the best way to organise the items that still function properly and identify what you should buy.

    2. Lacking of plug sockets

    Image Via Canva

    No doubt, the kitchen is a space that contains many significant appliances and other appliances such as blenders and ovens. Each appliances need power, so make sure you are conscious of the importance of plug sockets.

    Despite there are enough plug sockets for your kitchen appliances, but don’t forget other non-kitchen-based gadgets such as a phone charger. You will feel frustrated when you find nowhere to plug and use your items or gadgets.

    Pop-up plug sockets are the best choice that provide more power points in the kitchen

    3. Choosing low quality of paint

    Image Via Canva

    Light-colour and bold colour combination in the kitchen absolutely work best. However, the risk of the wall that will soil by food stains are relative too.

    In this case, finding the right quality paint that provides adequate protection can stay pristine and resist stains.

    Still have no idea in picking paint for your kitchen? Read this, it will show you the right way.

    4. Picking wrong flooring

    Image Via Canva

    Kitchen can be dangerous, especially if someone accidentally slip and fell on the floor while holding something. Hence, anti-slip flooring is a basic need for the kitchen.

    Since the kitchen is placing with many major appliances, make sure the flooring bears heavy machines for a long time.

    The basic standards of a suitable flooring include waterproof and resilient. Check this article that will provide you with some guidance on how to choose flooring for your kitchen.

    5. Choosing furniture that doesn’t fit

    Image Via Canva

    As mentioned in the previous article, it will be a nightmare if the furniture or appliances cannot fit your kitchen well. Bear in mind; measure correctly and double-check the measurement before bringing furniture and appliances back from the store.

    These two central points can help to prevent the common mistake above: flexible space for activity which people can freely walk around; and sufficient space for opening the appliances like refrigerator and oven.

    Feeling unconfident in kitchen design? Don’t worry, find us now!

    6. Miscalculating how much storage you’ll need

    Image Via Canva

    No one is willing to have a messy kitchen which kitchen utensils are strewn everywhere. Hence, storage space decides the cleanliness and tidiness of your kitchen. But miscalculation of storage space is the common mistake as well.

    To avoid underestimating storage that you need, making a detailed plan about every kitchen utensils and appliances you are going to keep in your kitchen. In short, allocate a place for every item.

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    7. Leaving the appliances till last

    Image Via Canva

    Picking the appliances in the last step is one of the common mistakes in kitchen design. It would be better to research and choose the appliances before implementing your kitchen design plan.

    This way can help prevent sending back your appliances to the store, because of the inaccurate measurement.

    A well-thought-out kitchen design plan should include those key points: space-efficient, functional and usability.

    We are ready to assist you to get your desired kitchen design plan, check out our portfolio now!

    8. Not working with the experts

    Image Via Canva

    One of the common mistakes is people are confident that they can handle all themselves. Unfortunately, a small error in your plan will bring colossal impact, wasting money and time and energy.

    Thus, why need to stress yourselves when there’s an expert ready to help you? So get yourselves a professional kitchen designer, to avoid any costly mistake.

    Finding a kitchen design expert in Johor to fine-tune your plan? Contact us now!


    Planning a kitchen design is not an easy task; there are many common mistakes in kitchen design that should be highlighted. Learn it and try your best to avoid it!

    Feel free to browse our portfolio for more kitchen design ideas. Either you’re ready to get started or still in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us at Ampquartz. We have been in the industry since 2008 with ten years of experience in the realm of kitchen renovation.

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