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Have you found that other people’s marble stone floor are exquisite, shiny, and stay strong? There is not much difference from the effect of bricks that just done paving?  The marble stone floor that you have in your home, office, or commercial building is an investment that will give you many years of beautiful service. 

Simple care and maintenance will help preserve your marble stone floor’s beauty for generations to come.  So do you want to know what are the tips to maintain marble stone floor?

Marble supplier in Johor Bahru, Ampquartz is here to ask this to you:” Do you usually pay attention to the maintenance of marble stone floor ? ” In fact, the marble stone floor is the same as our face.  Of course, it is easy to age quickly without paying attention to maintenance.  If the marble stone floor is not maintained, there will cause phenomena such as yellowing, rust and macula also.  

Why Marble Stone Floor Etching?

Do you know that? Marble stone is composed of calcium carbonate, it will cause marble etching when contact with acidic.  The marble stone itself has a natural outstanding physical characteristic which is water absorption (the water absorption rate of granite is 0.1-0.2%).  In this way, because of unreasonable stacking, packaging, transportation, and contact with external sources of pollution, such as moisture, rain, oil, the stone is easily damaged.

The problems that people often encounter are with marble stone floor are efflorescence, rust spots, yellowing stains, oil spots, straw yellow and weathering, aging, fading, gloss wear, etc.  While the problems that most of the construction workers often encounter during construction, such as non-drying of water spots, forms of watermarks after stone wet pasting construction.  Those are some common problems and major reasons for construction and engineering disputes.

Before we as the marble supplier in Johor Bahru, Ampquartz are here to share the 5 Tips To Maintain Marble Stone Floor, let’s discuss the internal factors that cause etching of the marble stone itself:

1. Natural micro-pores in stone:

A simple theory here is the marble stone will breathe.  If water is accidentally sucked into the marble stone, it will easily cause multiple problems, such as water spots.

2. The relatively complex chemical composition of stone:

The chemical composition of marble stone is different, which leads to chemical interaction with external substances.  For example, the iron composition of marble stone is directly cause to rust and macula.

Wait! Let’s discuss the external factors that cause etching of the marbles stone:

1. The water as the medium: 

It is water again.  Just not sure if any of you noticed that etching of marble stone mostly are caused by water, so it is important for you to ensure always keep the marble stone floor in a dry condition.

2. Infiltration of pollutants:

This mainly include pollution of aqueous liquid substances (such as tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, soup, etc.); organic substances (such as wood, straw, cardboard boxes, cigarettes, etc.); oily or oil-soluble substances (Such as motor oil, edible oil, gasoline, solvent, tar, etc.); adhesive materials (such as paint, markers, ink, toner, crayons, dyes, inks, etc.); colored substances (such as colored striped cloth, colored paper, decolorized clothing, etc.), all these pollution will cause damage to the stone.

3. Chemical and biochemical:

Some pollutants will be composed of chemical changes and chemical erosion. There are also organisms that secrete acidic substances easily penetrate into the marble stone, causing biological erosion from the surface of the marble stone floor.  Such as sawdust, ironware, welding sparks and other corrosion fluids; and environmental pollution, acid rain erosion, etc. will cause pollution and corrosion to marble stone.

4. Erosion and weathering of natural environmental conditions:

Changes in the air and surrounding environmental humidity, causing frequent swelling and drying shrinkage of the marble stone.  The cold in winter causes ice to freeze inside or around the marble stone, resulting in expansion and freezing.  While salt-alkali, wind and sand, etc. will cause damage and erosion occurs on the marble stone.

5 Tips To Maintain Marble Stone Floor

Maintenance and cleaning:

No matter the hard granite or the marble that is not as hard as granite, both flooring materials are not resistant to the long-term ravages of wind, sand and soil particles.  Therefore, you need to use a dust collector and an electrostatic mop to thoroughly remove dust and clean from time to time.

Regular care and maintenance of gloss:

Dust removal and cleaning alone cannot keep the marble stone floor gloss and stay bright continuously.  Therefore, we recommend you contact your local marble professional to remove etch marks to do maintenance and gloss regeneration maintenance work regularly.

Clean up pollution immediately:

Marble stone floor like all natural stone will have pores, and pollution sources (oil, tea, coffee, cola, soy sauce, ink, etc.) that will easily penetrate the marble stone floor along the pores and form unpleasant stains.  That is the reason for you to be sure that you to choose a best marble which has a specific protective layer of agent to prevent pollution sources from contaminating the marble floor stone.  It is necessary to know that all those protective agents cannot prevent 100% of marble stone being polluted for a long time, so once a source of pollution is contaminate on the stone, it must be removed immediately to prevent it from penetrating into the pores of the stone.

Always keep ventilated and dry:

The marble stone floor should avoid from excessive humidity.  Moisture environment will cause hydration, hydrolysis and carbonation of the marble stone.  All these will be forms water spots, white blooms, weathering, rusty yellow and others that will destroy the stone.  Therefore, the environment of marble stone floor should always be ventilated and dry.

Protect Marble From Scratches

If you have a marble feature such as a marble fireplace or otherwise that you can set any objects on, then you need to be careful.  Setting a heavy or sharp object on marble can cause scratches. If you want to set a glass down, use protective coasters or mats.

If these 5 tips did not answer all you questions about how you maintain marble floor, or if you have further questions.  Please contact us Ampquartz, marble supplier in Johor Bahru or you may post below, we read every single comment!

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